Holiday house in Portofino

Our history:

Since four generations we were in the ornamental foliage and flowers sector of horticolture, but in Milano the weather was too cold and foggy and 70 years ago my grandfather moved to Ligury to install a new farm and produce gardenias and orchids in a sunny and milder location, ideal place for growing flowers. Now our production is reduced and targeted only to cacti and succulents production, and ten years ago, after realizing that our guests were alwais charmed by the magnificent place we live in, we decided to renovate four of the flats in our house and offer them to vacationeers that
are looking to a not commercial, not standardized category of vacationeers, those who are lot looking for standard tourist villages where everything is standardized and decided by the commercial supplier as a fast-food restaurant. We decided that our tourist offer was to be addressed to slow-travelling, slow-living but wide-enjoying guests!

The value of reception and cultural exchange

The meeting with tourists coming from all over the world, the intense cultural exchange that takes place when you come into contact with others and the esteem borning beween our guests and us becomes immensely rewarding for us, we are glad to share the peace and the relax of our property that, in spite of the proximity to the communication ways and the tourist destinations, can protect your privacy and tranquility, just like in your home!

Being on holiday at home

We welcome our guests in a n ancient house born just facing the ocean, just 70 metres far from the sea, with a garden in which we take care personally to make it flowering with of all kinds of plants during the whole four seasons. This is also thanks to the exceptionally mild and sunny location: this central spot of Ligurian coast, so totally south exposed and well protected by a continuous chain of mountains creates a natural amphitheater that concentrating the sun-rays and blocking the winds of north. Yes, this area of north mediterranean coast is never too cold and NEVER TOO HOT, perfect for winter trekking and walking around and for summer living and bathing!

In each apartment we have tried to recreate a quiet and welcoming atmosphere that can give guests the sense of being on holiday but easy to feel like home!

Stella azzurra pranzo e cucina
Stella blu living,  mosaic floor